• Image of The Resistance 7" (2018)

Side A: The Resistance // Side B: Rivers Of Mars

7" Vinyl - edition of 500

A mix of melodies from the beginning of Demon Head as well as an Epilogue to Thunder on the Fields, we hope the two stories on this E.P. will enthrall you as they do us.

Rivers of Mars is a haunting rock song that somehow blends the scene of a forest night with the discovery of water on the Red Planet - our closest, still unknown neighbour world. On this song, we let the vibe of recording in a wooden winter house take us and the music over. Could it be that we are not alone?

The Resistance is the timeless narrative of the struggles and nightmares of an underground, partisan movement in the face of totalitarian power. We have crafted the music as a sinister rock soundtrack to tell this tale: our homage to those who defy tyranny.

"THE RESISTANCE" is out the 20th of April on The Sign Records

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